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Masturbation or Hand Practice is the ejaculation of Semen with the help of hand starts mostly due to bad company. Lack of proper guidance led the boys to hand practising whenever they are alone as it provides a sort of physical enjoyment. Gradually they get so much accustomed to this bad habit, that it becomes too much difficult for them to get the rid of this. When they grow up they feel that they are too weak to enjoy their happy married life. Due to excess of masturbation their genitals (Penis) do not develop fully. Masturbation has many negative effecrs - physical weakness, lack of self-confidence, irritating & frustrating temperament, frequent night discharges & weakning semen passing beofre or after urination. To get rid of this problem one needs a strong will-power. Masturbation is not a goo habit and it it must be avoided to make the life happier & healthier.


Discharging of Semen both in day or night while asleep is called Night Discharge or Nightfall. The patient feels the presence of a beautiful woman on the bed in dream, starts doing sexual act with her and the semen is discharged. He comes to nightfalls during sleeping. One point to clarify is that occasional night discharge is not disease but if it happens frequently, it is undoubtedly injurious to one's health. To prevent frequent nightfalls young men should not indulge in vulgar talks, see nude photographs and should not read sexual literature which arouses their sexual feelings. Do not take hot milk at night. Walk barefooted in the morning on the green grass is very helpful for the patients.


While clearing one's bowels when semen starts passing before or after urination, it is called spermatorrhoea. In the beginning it falls only when one urinates or puts pressure at the time of passing stool. Slowly the falling develops before or after one urinates. If this situation continues, the patient gets weaker and weaker even after having rich meals. In the chronic stage he loses the brightness of youth. When he feels excited, it falls in excess and his male organ (penis) very soon gets loose. The patient is neither ina position to satisfy his wife nor himself but his desire for sex always remains.


Very early discharges at the time of sexual play are called 'Premature Ejaculation'. Sexual capacity, which varies from person to person, can be two minutes to ten minutes. Symptoms of premature ejaculation are ejaculation at the very start of sex, feeling immediately excited when a person is beside a woman, ejaculation at the very touch of secret parts, discharging with the touch of woman in the crowd. 'Premature Ejaculation' may ultimately lead to impotency. The patients should avoid opium and other intoxicants for enjoyment as these are of momentary use. And a day comes when these intoxicants do not work. A person who always thinks about sex who has done masturbation in excess may suffer from 'Premature Ejaculation'.


If a person cannot fully satisfy his wife in the sexual act, it is called impotency. The main cause of impotency is excess of masturbation, secondly excess intercourse. At this stage the patient has a desire for intercourse, but he is helpless because his penis does not erect enough, in other words it can be said that the penis becomes like a paralysed part of the body. Somehow or the other he achieves some erection in the penis but he discharges before intercourse. This disease ruins married life. The wife becomes very much disappointed and frustrated. Not only the satisfaction of sexual desire she has, but the desire of having a child is more important to a woman. To fulfill this desire she may take the help of some other person by which a heaven like home turns into a hell.


Intercourse with prostitutes and girls of bad character may lead to syphilis. The main symptom of this disease is that after a few days of intercourse with a prostitute a small boil appears on the penis and very soon it takes the shape of a wound. The first wound is very minor and if one is careless or delays the treatment, it has its effect on the coming generation also. In the first stage some boils come out on his organ. In the second stage some black spots appear on the body and copper coloured boils come out which take the shape of wounds later on. In the third stage the effects of syphilis reach bones and develops into wounds such as lepers have. If the germs of syphilis reach the brain, the patient may suffer paralysis and at last he gets into the clutches of death. So, at the very outcome of the symptoms, one should rush for treatment.


Every married couple desire to have a child in their family. If they fails family atmosphere is disrupted. Many innocent persons are deceived in various ways so the reason for not having a child must be detected first. It is only possible when both wife and husband are thoroughly examined by an experiences physician. If you think it proper, you may come to our Clinic, get yourself fully examined and derive some benefit from our experience. In case you are not in a position to contact us personally or you are living at a distant place, you can post us a letter giving the details of your suffering. We will definitely give you proper guidance.


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