10 tips to have an amazing Honeymoon

A honeymoon right after marriage is a combination of different kinds of expectations including some drama, misfortunes, and a little bit of comedy. There is some standard stuff that every couple does on their honeymoon and then there are things that only a few couples do because they plan for months for their big day as well as honeymoon days. So here is your take on how to make your honeymoon the most amazing and sensual trip of your life. These tips are a part of the honeymoon consultation program that you can join to make your trip memorable.

  • First of all, remember everything that girls find romantic because if you don’t have a romantic nature, you should at least act like that during your honeymoon period. Watching sunrise together can be one of these things. We know that it sounds boring but it seriously works and above all it is fun. It will give your day a fresh start.
  • You can also order food for each other. It will also help you know culinary choices of your partner. People who are coming up from an arranged marriage should try this.
  • Fine dining is an important part of a perfect honeymoon so at least for a few nights, arrange for some elements like a bottle of your favorite drink, lobsters, or anything you think that your partner will find exotic.
  • To complement your dinner, relaxation, massage, or anything you two do together, make some arrangement to play a romantic track in the background. It will get both of you in mood for a memorable evening.
  • Honeymoon is not all about sex and eating lavish meals. You can do silly and naughty things what you otherwise do with your friends. Tickling each other and ending it up with a pillow fight is both fun and cute.
  • You can also set a camera to capture the video of your love making scenes and keep it like a precious memory afterwards. The couples who have an age difference or who met first time on their wedding night seriously need to be comfortable with each other and there could be no better time than their honeymoon period.
  • Of course, sex is an important part of your honeymoon. Your partner will remember all the things you do for her during this period so do your best. There is nothing wrong in getting some honeymoon consultation for doing things you can never do at home or what you find uncomfortable at first.
  • The best approach to begin your honeymoon period is to know each other’s fantasies and trying out one by one. You can get a little bit wild for sure there is no one knocking at your door.
  • For adventurous couples, this period is the best time of their life. Biking, scuba diving, and trekking all can be a part of your adventures.
  • Get to know each other’s intimacy pleasures like some girls like to be cuddled while others like a touch to their erogenous zones.

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