5 Bad Effects Of Masturbation Addiction or HastMaithun

Surely, masturbation gives immense pleasure and there are innumerable ways to gain the pleasure of masturbation but is there any harm it can do to us? Let’s talk about some harmful effects of masturbation.

Difficulty Reaching Climax
Masturbating in the day may result in difficulty reaching climax at night. Give your penis a break a day before your date. While masturbating, our body becomes addicted to our own touch and is less responsive to the other person’s touch so it takes time to reach climax when you have an intercourse with someone.

Soft Erections
When you have too many erections, you’ll get softer erections because recurrent erections will reduce the firmness of erections. Particularly when you use rough hands or try forceful strokes; it is likely to affect the stiffness of your future erections.


There are extreme feelings of guilt associated with masturbation and it has severe negative psychological impact on a person’s psyche. Besides one’s cultural and religious values, one feels guilt and shame for being hard on oneself.

Overproduction of sex hormones

Chronic masturbation may result in overproduction of sex hormones and this activity can seriously affect one’s brain and body. Hyperactive sex hormones can cause pelvic pain, extreme fatigue, headaches, backache, infertility, or hair loss.

Interfering Daily Life
Compulsive masturbation may interfere with your routine life. The level of interference varies from one person to the other. A person who masturbates five times a day can have a disturbed love life. So, one should keep a balance between one’s personal pleasures and life responsibilities.

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