5 Conditions That Might Put Your Sex Drive in Overdrive

The topic sounds a bit strange because we normally believe that people who have hyper sexual behavior have a natural temperament for it. You should know that there are certain conditions (both physical and mental) that make you sexually overactive. It is necessary for everyone to know the symptoms and when the treatment becomes essential. When your sex drive becomes overactive, sometimes the consequences can be dangerous.

Below are five common conditions that might put your sex drive in overdrive.

People suffering from dementia are prone to exhibit their bodies. They also masturbate a lot. People with severe symptoms of dementia are likely to use obscenities. They also attempt to disposition others’ behavior by enticing them to behave in a hypersexual manner.

Bipolar disorder
People who are diagnosed with bipolar disorder are also likely to experience symptoms of hyper sexuality. Bipolar disorder includes blues of depression and stimulations of mania and hypersexual behavior is linked with the maniac phase. But fortunately, once the disorder is overcome with treatment, the sexual overdrive of the patient will itself come to an end.

Hormonal problems
Hormonal imbalance is one of the most common reasons of turning a person’s libido into an overdrive. When a person drops his or her estrogen levels and gains testosterone levels, his libido is automatically increased. Increased levels of testosterones may be a result of injections that athletes and sportsmen normally inject. Although it doesn’t necessarily cause hyper sexuality but it does when the environment is encouraging and the person already has the tendency.

Sex addiction
Hyper sexuality can also be the result of sex addiction when a person behaves compulsively and destructively. His relationships suffer from a sexual strain and the addict’s normal life is affected by his abnormal behavior. Sexually addicted people don’t want sex for intimacy instead they enter into a state of euphoria whenever they are busy in the sexual activity. They use sex as a means to compensate their suppressed feelings or unpleasant stressors. However, the reward gained from this activity soon turns into guilt and following the experience, they promise themselves to change this habit or way of thinking.

Persistent genital arousal disorder
Women diagnosed with this medical condition constantly feel sexual arousal and they can’t control themselves regardless of the environmental situations they are in. These feelings are so intense that they sometimes last for weeks to come, and it is very difficult to get rid of. Again, like other medical conditions, the purpose of the symptoms of this disorder is not to gain pleasure. Instead the patient feels constant pelvic pain and on the verge of having an orgasm that is never completed. This condition is curable only to the extent to which the patient learns to avoid triggers. Anything that puts some pressure on your genitals is not good for you. Traveling on a bumpy road, wearing high heels or tight pants, or watching sexual arouses in movies or magazines is a big no no.


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