5 Things Women Always Hide From Men

Every one of you knows many things about the woman you sleep with. At least you know that she loves you because of the way she holds your hand or the way she prepares your favorite dinner without you even asking for it. However, there are a lot of things that you still don’t know about her and here we’ll tell you that in detail.

Her Past
Psychologists reveal that some secrets should never be told to your spouse and one of the most important of these secrets is your past relationships. Since no man will esteem a romantic woman with a past. No doubt, we all have our past struggles, experiences, sufferings, break ups, and many things that were beyond our control. But it is not necessary to open up everything to your spouse.

Her Diseases or Sufferings
A mental health survey revealed that women usually hide their sufferings, diseases, or discouraging life experiences from men. We all do so when we want to create a nice impression onto the other person. For example, if a woman can never have kids; if she had been emotionally or sexually abused as a child; if she had been in an open relationship; or if she had any kind of compulsions or obsessions; or even if she masturbates.

Her Makeover
Every woman wants her man to wonder how she manages to look so beautiful all day long. She is scared of revealing where her beauty comes from. She keeps her cosmetics and makeover tools in a secret cabinet so you can never know what makes her look so pretty. It is necessary for a woman to hide from her man that she has thick hair on her legs just like he has on his legs. She also likes to hide her chipped nails with striking nail paint so her man can always appreciate her flawless hands.

How she feels about your family
She considers it her responsibility to camouflage her feelings about your family and it is especially the case when you take good care of her. But you should not assume that she hates your family; in fact she wants to be on the safe side and doesn’t want to say anything that sounds inappropriate and may hurt your relationship. Moreover, women are usually taught marrying always means tying the knot with the entire family so they try to cope with the shortcomings of the family of their beloved person.

She is bound to tell everything about you to her best friend but will never acknowledge it
Yes, women love sharing things with their favorite people and it is because they want the stuff (what happens between both of you) to be memorable and every time they talk about it, it gives them pleasure. A woman’s best friend is the person who gives her tips to spend an adorable life with you and how to make her relationship stronger and more loveable, so she is bound to reveal the micro details of your personality to her bestie.


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