5 Things Women Find Sexy About Men

From household women to working women, all of them discover some undeniable traits in men that make them explore their dream guy.

A voice that generates a sexual buzz is what attracts a woman most of all. Following appearance and good looks, this is probably the most striking feature of a man’s personality. Deeper voice is thought to be mature as compared with high pitch voice. It is proven with research that women decide their man on the basis of voice quality whether it is a short or long term relationship. This is because deep voices are the result of a bilateral body symmetry that indicates good genes and reliable health conditions of the male. So, women respond more to a resonant voice for a prospect of mating with a healthier male.

Sense of humor
Evolutionary researches demonstrate that when you are able to produce laughter in a woman’s brain, her endorphin levels are increased and she is likely to get a good image of your personality. This is why women all over the world mention ‘sense of humor’ as one of the biggest characteristics of an ideal man. They love to be around a man who gives them a good laugh rather than a six pack man who is healthily fit but has a daunting personality.

Eye contact and confidence
Making eye contact attracts women regardless of their relationship priorities and a man who looks into their eyes appeals them more than anything. But men have to be careful while doing so. It is important that you look straight into the eyes of a woman because women are hypersensitive in chasing men’s gaze and where they actually stare. Moreover, the ability to make decisions and being self confident also matters a lot. Men who take too much time in making decisions put pressures on women and women don’t enjoy their company. Rather they like men who are solid decision makers and have no fear of risks.

Smell is always important for women since they have heightened sense of smell and majority is super sensitive to what their nose smells. They can identify a man’s natural scent when they come out of shower and they categorize a man on the basis of his scent. So you should smell good if you really want her to pick up on you. Keep yourself clean and remember that your body odor can turn her on or off. Science has proved that on the basis of his tee shirt smell alone, a woman can determine whether she is attracted to a man without even seeing him ever.

Body Hair
Women adore a man with minimum body hair. This is because rarely a man looks handsome with thick hair on the abdomen and other parts of his body. According to a research done in California, women rated men with less and less hair to be more attractive as compared with men with too much body hair. However, men who have waxed all their body hair including legs and arms also received poor ratings. After all, body hair is what differentiates a man’s feel from a woman and most women like rough and tough men with normal body hair.

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