5 Tips To Get Full Erections

Do you experience weak erections or want to avoid symptoms of erectile dysfunction? Below are a few tips to get stronger erections:

Eat carefully
Avoid eating foods that are not good for your heart because they are equally bad for your erectile function. These foods interfere with the blood flow in your arteries and also obstruct the blood flow going towards your penis. Say no to junk food and fried foods. Instead eat raw fresh fruits, vegetables, and juices. Fruits and juices increase your blood flow and enhance your overall functioning.

Watch out your weight
Keep an eye on your weight gain and maintain a healthy weight. Weight gain can be the result of type 2 diabetes that affects the nerves around your penis. So, diabetics often suffer from softer erections.

Avoid penis shrinkers and Anabolic steroids
Smoking is the number one cause of shrinking your penis since it is already associated with impotence and many researchers have proved this fact. One research revealed that smokers experience smaller erections. Anabolic steroids often used by players and athletes badly affect their ability to produce full erections because these drugs interfere with the function of their testosterone.

Moderate alcohol consumption
Too much alcohol consumption also kills your ability to produce erections so make a routine to consume only a smaller amount of alcohol only few times a month and stick to that routine strictly.

Exercise is a must
Last but not least, exercise is also very important and running, yoga, swimming, aerobics, or any other kind of exercise, jogging, or just walking helps maintain good erections. Cycling or frequent bike riding is prohibited for longer hours especially if you seriously want to get full erections or experience some kind of trouble while doing so.

If these do not work, you got to see a trained sexologist like Dr. Vinod Sablok.


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