5 tips to last longer in the bed

Every man wants to stay longer and ejaculate more volume and almost one third of all men experience premature ejaculation and they want a solution. Men usually start with a bang and then come to an end within a minute and sometimes it takes just a few seconds. Men who suffer from this problem are often thought to be selfish but they can’t help it. You can get an expert advice and learn tips and tricks to control your condition.

First, you need to know how ejaculation works as it will help you understand why you end up so early. Naturally men reach climax faster than women. You’ll ejaculate only when the muscles on the surface of your penis will compress. They will release sperms with every compression. Early ejaculation means that your muscles are compressed earlier than most men.

Moreover, if you have sensitive skin on your penis, you’re likely to feel the sensations earlier, hence ejaculating faster than normal. Researchers have demonstrated that men who have a better concentration can delay their ejaculation. There are certain medicines and herbs available to treat the problem and you can get help from a sexual health clinic.

Besides medication, you should know the following tips to combat premature ejaculation:

  1. Read your body’s signals and try to monitor yourself while having sex. A man’s mind signals him to jump from first point to the last without transition.

  2. Timing is everything, so get to know when exactly your penis ejaculates and if there is anything you can do to hold it up.

  3. Don’t surrender to the myth of thinking something else and your semen will held up for longer. As long as you think of something else, the whole thing is over.

  4. Focus on every single thing that happens right before ejaculation, since knowing the right signal will help you the most.

  5. Taking a deep breath before ejaculation will also delay your orgasm.

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