5 Ways To Improve Male Sexual Health

All real men want to keep their women happy and they look for novel ways to improve their sexual performance. One can maintain sexual health by using over the counter male enhancement pills but here we’ll explain some seriously healthy and simple ways to achieve a brilliant performance and help you stay longer in the bed.

1) Keep Your Heart Healthy
The health of your heart directly relates to how you perform at night. Yes we know that it sounds a bit strange but it is true. This is because the functioning of your penis depends on your blood pressure that is controlled by your heart. When you look at or feel anything sexy, your brain passes signals to your penis and it gives responses accordingly. The penis sends more blood to the vessels in order for them to swell. Then comes your heart that pumps the blood and everything is set in place. In case this process is disturbed by the heart, the penis will go limp because the blood vessels will not be able to protract the pressures for longer.

2) Cardio is Good for You
Cardiovascular exercises are very good for sexual health maintenance. Intercourse increases your blood pressure and keeps your heart up. Cardio will help maintain the shape and functioning of your heart and will surely boost your sexual performance. Allow yourself minimum 30 minutes a day for some type of cardio exercise that gives you break a sweat. When you run, swim, or jog for 30 minutes to one hour, you will feel your libido is boosted and you’re better in the bed.

3) Eat All That Sends Blood to the Penis
Bananas, onion, garlic, chilies, and peppers are necessary to include in your regular meal. Onion and garlic help circulate more blood through the body and bananas decrease your blood pressure, keeping your sexual organs at rest, and enabling them to perform better at night. Natural spices are the best remedy for the cure of inflammation and hypertension so the regular use of chilies and peppers will help you maintain your blood flow.

4) Say Goodbye to Stress
Stress is your worst enemy and it may reduce your libido by making you dull and can cause loss of interest in sex and other pleasure seeking activities in life. Stress increases blood pressure in the manner that is not healthy at all. As a result, it breaks your sexual performance and puts an end to your desires. Continuous stress can indulge you in bad habits such as smoking, lack of sleep, and alcohol consumption that in turn affects your sexual health.

5) Sunlight is Good for You
Sun basking slows down the production of a hormone called melatonin that induces sleep and also stops sexual urge. When our bodies produce smaller quantities of melatonin, we are likely to perform better in the bed. We have more potential for sex and it is particularly good in winter season when our body is prone to produce more melatonin.

Please note that above mentioned tips are general in nature and for more specific guidance and counseling, you can set up an appointment with Dr. Vinod Sablok.

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