7 Relationship Secrets Women Wish Men Knew

Every man claims that women are mysterious and it is difficult to guess what is in their minds. All of you who have ever pondered what women want must read this article since we’ll reveal some seriously unexpected things that will help you make women happy. Let’s jump to the relationship secrets we want you to know:

1) Women Love Caring Men
When you pat a puppy or kiss a baby, the woman sitting next to you develops interest in you because you’ve shown your sensitive side to her. A woman is a nurturing personality naturally and by using this tactic; you can win her heart in no time.

2) Women Love Courteous Men
No matter how brave a woman is, she still appreciates when a man takes time to play his masculine role. She is definitely capable of carrying her shopping bags or opening the door but when a man does this for her, she acknowledges his masculinity.

3) Women Love Well Kept Men
Yes, clean hands and feet as well as getting dressed to please her is an important part of a healthy and lasting relationship. Spend some time in knowing what she likes on you or what suits you more. If your woman likes you when you wear a tie, don’t mind wearing a cool tie with a casual shirt.

4) Women Prefer Men Who Wear Red
This tip is tested by gender psychologists and they have revealed by different studies that red is a powerful color and men who know how to wear red (sometimes just a glimpse of it) can win a woman’s heart. Although red is never going to make you look nicer or kinder but yes it will add to your sensuous appeal.

5) Women Love Men Who Make An Effort
When you plan her birthday party, buy her a unique gift on the wedding anniversary, or even just give her a call to know how her day was; she seriously feels herself blessed. You’ll wonder that pleasing women is quite an easy job and you don’t need a lot of money to make them happy. Simple gesture and care can take you to the special corner in their heart.

6) Women Love Self Served Men
No doubt, women have nurturing personality by nature but when you ask them cut your fruits into small pieces, they don’t feel good. They have not given birth to you, yes they prepare your food but they are not responsible to put that food in to your mouth so don’t expect too much and stop being a man-baby.

7) Women Love Men Who Notice Small Things
When they buy a new pair of shoes or jeans, or set a new vase into the corner of the bedroom; it is your duty to notice the change and ask about it. Appreciate those little efforts and give your comments about it. Women like listening positive comments and it is a quick and nice way to connect with them on an emotional level.

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