When someone is going through a sexual problem in his life, it is very important to find the correct sexual wellness clinic to help him get through it. A healthy married life and a successful sexual relationship with your spouse is something everyone craves. Don’t let sexual issues become a hindrance in attaining that happy life.

Our Highlights

  • Tailor-made Formulas - Formulas are concocted only after studying individual patients lifestyles and living habits. It was Dr Vinod Sablok's vision to understand how the patient has moulded his life before creating medicines for him. This ensures that the medicines are suitable as per his age, body type, eating habits, addictions, and so on.
  • Treatment with natural herbs etc - We ensure that the forumulas created are totally natural and made with rare herbs, valuable bhasmas and rasayans. These again have been carefully selected to ensure zero side-effects and quick recovery.
  • Specialist Consultations - It can be intimidating to discuss your problems with doctors when there are people around. That is the reason we provide specialist consultations. It means , we arrange for a time slot when you can be alone with the doctor and discuss all your problems freely.
  • No branches - We have no branches anywhere in the world or India. That does not mean that we do not cater to patients worldwide. Our correspondence treatment is a specialty service that we provide to patients who cannot be physically present at our clinics.
  • Pure Ingredients - We believe in quality and that is the reason we have patients who value our treatment. We always use the best quality rare herbs, bhasmas and rasayans to create a powerful concoction that can rejuvenate you without any side-effects.

Who are We?

What can age-old techniques of curing sexual problems and new age technologies combined together result in? The answer to this is the formation of a sex clinic that not only has helped thousands of people get their life back on track, but also created an impression on the entire medical fraternity.

Sablok clinic is one of the oldest and most renowned sex clinic in New Delhi. The clinic, which was established way back in 1928 by Lt. Hakim Hari Singh Sablok has become a go to point for anyone facing sexual problems ever since. That is what makes us one of the Asia's most modern clinic.

Though we began with herbs and ancient techniques to treat patients, it was Dr. Vinod Sablok who has created a mix of his ancestral knowledge and modern techniques to create the new Sablok clinic.

Dr Vinod Sablok completed his Degree in Medical Sciences specialising in Ayurvedic Medicines from Delhi. He has also done his Fellowship from the prestigious F.R.S.H London. With more than 4 decades of experience in handling cases, each with equal concentration, he has helped many patients enjoy their sexual life.

Being well travelled for numerous presentations and consultations, his experience with multiple cases is unmatched.

What We do?

Sexual problems do not disappear on their own, but need to be treated. We offer pschological counselling along with physical treatment. We provide the best treatment that has a minimum to no side effects, which is why we have repeat patients who completely trust us.

Our treatments include a very detailed process of studying the patients lifestyle and living habits before creating tailor made formulas for him. Tailor made formulas provide an advantage that they are carefully concoted based on each individual patient. Yes, that means no standard set of treatment for all patients.

We have helped people with many sexual issues, not just limited to the following:

Come experience the effective treatments that have helped many enjoy the complete life that they deserved to enjoy. Contact us now for all your sexual problems and issues.

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