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How to get rid of Masturbation Addi...

Masturbation is the habit of self stimulation that no one talks about. It is the thing that almost every man is fond of doing. Men are expert at masturbating themselves and after years of hand-on experience, they unknowingly become addictive to an extent

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How to avoid contracting Sexual Tra...

Are you frequently engaging in casual sex or sex with multiple partners? You might be treading a very tricky path. What if I told you that your chances of contracting Sexually Transmitted Diseases increases by manifolds when you engage in casual sex? STDs

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Wedding night jitters: Tips to have...

  Isn’t being married the best part about marriage? Hold on, no it is not. The best part about marriage is the wedding night. The night you will bare it all to your partner and sharing your virginity with her for the very first time. If you have en

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