Are you unable to enjoy sex due to a boils and rashes on your genitals?

Syphillis is a sexually transmitted infection that can be broadly classified into multiple stages. This can occur due to intercourse with someone who already has this infection and transferred it to you during sex. Syphillis begins with a sore or boil on the genitals or penis in men, this is followed by a rash that develops around that boil. The third stage is a dangerous stage that can last for nearly 50 years. And the last stage is the final stage that can transform itself to deadly infections and is best avoided.

What can be worse than a pimple on your genitals? Initially, I just thought that it was harmless boil, but then it started getting worse. On a suggestion by a close friend, I visited Sablok clinic. They not just helped me to get rid of the boil, but also helped me emotionally to get my confidence back.

When you are indulging in sex with your partner, the boils can deter your partner’s interest in having sex with you. Sexual interaction between you and your partner forms a foundation for a happy relationship. Why suffer in silence with this disease when you can get cured with our help. Timely intervention can prevent this disease from spreading further. We use the ancient Chinese medicines that have been effective in curing thousands of men successfully.

Symptoms and Causes

  1. Syphillis Infection Treatment in Delhi NCR

    Fever – If you have a boil appearing on your genitals and fever of more than 101°F (38.3°C), you might be suffering from syphilis.

  2. Sore throat – In certain individuals, continuous occurrence of sore throat is seen.

  3. Weight and hair loss – Since any sexual disease affects hormones, weight and hair loss is seen.

  4. Nervous system related ailments – Common ailments such as headache, dizziness, and other ailments are seen consistently.

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Do you want to lead a satisfied sexual life?

As much as we need to love emotionally, the need to satisfy your partner physically cannot be ignored. At Sablok clinic, we can help you enjoy life and that too with no side effects. Let us know your problem and see your worries disappear.

Why Sablok Clinic?

  • Natural, rare herbs and valuable bhasmas and rasayans
  • Minimum to zero side effects
  • Treatment through emails, letters and phone
  • Specialized consultations
  • No Branches means quality treatment
  • Competent and qualified specialists
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