Do men fake orgasms?

Women often perceive that their partners are a sex machine who are always willing to do an intercourse and can reach an orgasm whenever they wish to do so. But it is a misconception and the reality is opposite to it.

In 2010, there was a study organized to find out how many men fake an orgasm and the results revealed that 25 % of them do so. In fact, more men fake an orgasm than those who fake to increase their salaries on a dating site. Here we’ll find out why such a large percentage of men fake an orgasm.

The major reason is that a man never wants to disappoint his partner. The inability to have an orgasm can be due to several reasons i.e. being drunk, stress, fatigue, or illness. Sometimes, when a man’s partner cuddles up and starts making love, he is not really in the mood. He may feel tired but gives up to his partner’s passionate moves. In such a situation, when most men reach to a point when they believe that it is not going to work, they don’t have the courage to tell their partners. Instead, they choose the option of faking an orgasm. Provided those men are otherwise perceived to be high sex drives, their partners are less likely to believe that they have faked an orgasm. On the other hand, to men it is the only way to end up the process without hurting their partner’s feelings.

A good percentage of men fake an orgasm because they want to conceal their problem of premature ejaculation. Those who often lose an erection want to take the pride of having an orgasm at least in front of their partners. Moreover, research has proved that it takes almost seven minutes for a man to reach the climax since the time he starts making love. So at one point or another, when a man feels like he is getting too late to reach his climax, he prefers faking an orgasm than waiting for it. Others also believe it to be one of the rules of sex to end it up with an orgasm hence; they fake it when nature doesn’t allow them to have one. Experts believe that faking an orgasm is fine when it happens occasionally but frequent faking will surely spoil an otherwise satisfying sexual life.


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