Do Women Prefer Bearded Men Or Smooth Faces?

They say that a beard can earn you respect but you’ll get very few dates with a beard on your face; probably it is true to an extent because women prefer clean shaved men to date with.

If it were totally up to men, they will not like to shave, at least on daily basis because they are made to embrace facial and body hair. Sadly, it is not just men who decide what they should do: grow a beard or shave it off. It is their girl friends or wives who choose this for them. Why women are so conscious about men’s facial hair, there are many reasons, let’s discuss it in detail.

A study carried out by a team of psychologists in Canada revealed that women dislike beards because it makes men look violent and older. No doubt, beard is a sign of masculinity and it surely makes you more reputable in your circle of friends but it gives you little advantage in terms of pulling women towards you.

Another study conducted by the University of New South Wales explained that women find men with heavy stubbles to be more attractive than men with full beards. This is because full beard men are supposed to be better fathers but heavy stubble men are supposed to be sexier. It somehow relates to the socio sexual attributes of males in our society so a moderate level of growing a beard is found to be more acceptable.

Another reason to prefer heavy stubble men is that women prefer mating a competitive masculine spouse as compared to an overly masculine spouse. Women like heavy stubble than light stubble because the later seems a bit patchy and very few men are able to grow attractive light stubble. So when it comes to women, men need to attain a threshold of thickness and distribution to grow a beard that is seen as attractive.


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