How to avoid contracting Sexual Transmitted Diseases?

Are you frequently engaging in casual sex or sex with multiple partners? You might be treading a very tricky path. What if I told you that your chances of contracting Sexually Transmitted Diseases increases by manifolds when you engage in casual sex? STDs are a silent enemy and you will never know when you have contracted this disease.

Whenever anyone contracts any disease, a person’s confidence is shaken. Specially, when the disease is STD, life takes a different turn. You are no longer the family man you used to be. Imagine not engaging in sex with the person you love and have married because of such issues.

What are the common cause of STDs?

  • Viruses such as HIV virus, hepatitis B, herpes complex and human papilloma virus (HPV).
  • Bacteria such as gonorrhea, Chlamydia and syphilis

These are very common causes in 90% of the cases. There might be other reasons of how someone contracts it. Here are the reason why you might be at risk of contracting STDs.

  • Most important reason is unprotected sex with anyone.
  • Engaging in sex with multiple partners.
  • Engaging in sex with a person who has multiple partners.
  • Not using protection during sex.
  • Engaging in sex with commercial sex workers.
  • Drug-addicts with special inclination towards unprotected sexual behavior.

This disease though highly contractible, the symptoms are not easy to catch and detect. Here are few of the symptoms, which should not be avoided if seen.

  • Discharge from genitals.
  • Constant itching around genitalia.
  • Red sores or rashes on genitalia.
  • Darker urine and light chalky stool.
  • Fever, weakness, dullness, and swollen lymph nodes.

These are preliminary symptoms, which can take an aggravated form if the HIV positive infection has transformed to AIDS. In such cases, weight loss, night sweats, and tiredness are commonly seen.

How can you avoid being infected with STDs? Safe and protected sex along with good sexual habits can help you stay safe. Ensure that you avoid situations mentioned in the causes to live a happy and sexually fulfilling life.


  • How to avoid contracting Sexual Transmitted Diseases?

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