How To Be Her Ideal Sex Machine

Women often complain that it is hard to find an ideal sex partner and most of them seek the intimacy of an ex in their spouses because they don’t feel tempted to their spouses. If your woman prefers reading a book or even watching a movie than sleeping with you; it is high time for you to reconsider your performance in the bed.

Women love to have sex with men who have good bodies and who smell good. Every time you take a shower, remember to keep yourself cool and fresh even after hours. Physical appearance matters a lot to women and almost 90% of young women prefer dating with a man who has a muscular body and leaner arms and legs. Generally, they like nice calves and abs to be the criteria of a perfect physical appearance. Moreover, they prefer a man who seeks the pleasure of both partners. They want men to turn them on and to get them tempted to their bodies so they are forced to explore their sexual sides.

Dominating her gently is a good thing. You should approach her with nice cuddles and kisses and then gently push her against the bed. Now hold down her wrists behind her back or anywhere you think she feels comfortable. Lean your full body against hers so she feels like protected and dominated by you. Spend a few minutes in this position to give her the idea of what you’re going to ask next. Push one of your knees in between her thighs and ask her softly to wide herself a bit more for you.

Manhandling is very important at this step. You should put your cehands and arms all over her and let her feel your touch everywhere. Grab her, squeeze her, and worship her like she is the most exciting thing in the whole wide world. You can get a bit more aggressive at this step but take care to go only as long as she is pleased with it.

Above are a few tips for sexually healthy men, however if you are suffering from problems like premature ejaculation, nightfall, erectile dysfunction, impotence etc, please feel free to book a consultation with Dr. Vinod Sablok.

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