How to get rid of Masturbation Addiction

Masturbation is the habit of self stimulation that no one talks about. It is the thing that almost every man is fond of doing. Men are expert at masturbating themselves and after years of hand-on experience, they unknowingly become addictive to an extent it interferes with their normal life. You may think that you are aware of everything there is to know about masturbation but you may not know that it can kill your sexual drive increase depression, or cause impotence. Masturbation addiction should be stopped in order to avoid its potentially serious side effects.

First of all, you need to improve your self control or will power. You should get adequate amount of sleep because it naturally helps forgetting unwanted things and improves your stamina and mental fitness.

Second, don’t compromise on your food intake and make sure that you fulfill your sugar intake. You’ll be wondering how sugar can save you from masturbation. Eating healthy carbs will keep you filled for longer, help resist temptations, and will also reduce premature ejaculation and other masturbation side effects i.e. quickfall and nightfall. Moreover, your will power relies much on your glucose intake so focus on this part of your diet.

Drink plenty of water and always keep yourself hydrated. If you really want to stop excessive masturbation through food, exercise, and rest, you should seek help from Dr. Vinod Sablok. He will provide psychological counseling on how to stop masturbation with the help of some Ayurvedic medicines to which only Maharajas of ancient times had access to.

Also get to know yourself better because masturbation addiction may indicate lack of love, affection, and physical intimacy in one’s life. It is necessary to address your personal needs because long term masturbation may lead to premature ejaculation, quickfall, and other sexual health problems. Using condoms, massaging egg oil, trying out interesting sex positions, and discussing the problem with your sexual partner may help.

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