Low Sperm Count Treatment in Delhi NCR

Almost 20% of all infertile couples are diagnosed with low sperm count in the male partner and the condition is defined as 15 million sperms in one milliliter of semen sample. Low sperm count treatment offers help to men who think that their semen contains the number of sperms that are not good enough to help their partner conceive a baby. Before treatment, this problem has to be adequately diagnosed and identified. One needs to collect one’s semen sample and give it to the laboratory that offers semen testing. In medical terms, this condition is known as Oligozoospermia. Below are a few treatment options available to treat this condition:

Natural medicine and herbal remedies have been offering their help to decrease male infertility as long as modern medicine has been doing its wonders. Focusing on good nutritious diet is very important although it seems a bit irrelevant as how healthy eating can increase those numbers? But researches have proved that cutting down on alcohol, tobacco, artificial additives, and junk food really helps. One should eat more greens, fresh fruits, milk, pomegranate, cabbage, almonds, and whole grains to increase one’s fertility. Also keep an eye on your weight gain since obesity is said to be the biggest enemy of fertility. Obesity causes more fat and fat raises the temperature of your testicles making them poor performers. The list of important dietary supplements that increases male fertility includes zinc, selenium, CoQ10, vitamin E, folic acid, B12, vitamin C, L-Carnitine, and antioxidants.

Regular exercise is also important and one should have 45 minutes of brisk walk five to six times a week to maintain a healthy routine. Regular walk and exercise not only helps you reduce excessive fat and lose weight but it also lessens your stress level and helps alleviate anxiety. Stress plays a very important role in child conception. A man with stressed mind can never perform satisfactorily at night. On the other hand, keeping oneself engaged in excessive and exhaustive kind of exercises and activities such as participating in Marathon Race can reduce one’s chances of becoming a father. Extraordinary physical activities are associated with lower sperm count in men hence giving rise to infertility.

Herbal medicines that support sperm production include maca root, ashwagandha, panax ginseng, garlic, and tribulus. Black maca root is considered to be one of the best sperm boosters. This herb also helps keeping hormones in balance. Ashwagandha not only increases sperm count but it also improves the quality of the semen and the overall motility rate of sperms. It also helps reducing anxiety and stress related to bed time activities so it is an overall male health booster. Panax gingseng is prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction problem but it is also linked with the cure of lower sperm count and motility. Lower sperm count can also be an indication of a genetic disorder or another underlying medical issue. It is necessary to get timely diagnosis and low sperm count treatment.
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