Male Infertility Treatment

Infertility has traditionally been associated with women and men are thought to be fertile but this is not the case for almost half of the infertile couples. Being diagnosed with an infertility problem and getting male infertility treatment is probably the hardest part of a man’s life. Infertility is a problem that can devastate his life because more than half of the entire population marries in the hope to grow a family. When a man knows that he is not able to produce a child, he feels like a loser and his relationship with his spouse is distressed. Male fertility problems are less responsive to treatment as compared with women so some of the men have to compromise on their ability to father a child but for others, treatments offer actual relief.

So if you are unable to make your wife conceive a baby after having regular intercourse for a year or more, you and your wife should see a doctor. Besides the disability to father a child, there are other issues related to sexual performance that may interfere with your sex life and get you diagnosed with an infertility problem in near future. Actually there can be several medical or environmental causes of infertility. When you visit a reputable sexual health provider i.e. Sablok clinic, they try their best to improve your sexual health by curing one of the existing problems (in case a problem is diagnosed), or offering insights to find the problem. In most cases, it is difficult to identify a definite cause for the underlying problem. Even when an exact cause is not identified, the doctor may offer several treatments that may or may not work. Even when male partner is diagnosed with an infertility problem, the female partner also needs to be thoroughly examined.

Male infertility treatment may include surgery, treatment of infections or sexual performance issues, curing hormonal imbalance, or taking help from assisted reproductive technology. Surgery is the only solution for the problem of varicocele where sperms are not found in a man’s semen. The surgery can retrieve sperms from the testicles and can offer real help to the patient. Treating sexually transmitted diseases and other infections of the reproductive tract can also help regain fertility. Mostly infertile men suffer from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation and these two are one of the major causes of male infertility. There are several drugs and counseling therapies that can help cure these problems.

Sometimes, all a man needs is a hormone imbalance therapy when his infertility is caused by the dysfunction of male sex hormones, or higher or lower levels of hormones, or the way his body uses these hormones. Assisted reproductive techniques help patients who have a lower sperm count or suffer from ejaculation problems. These methods may involve IUI or IVF. In rare cases, an infertility problem cannot be treated and the doctor may recommend you to try donor sperms or child adoption but before choosing any of these options, you should look for a second opinion.
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