Night Discharge Treatment in Delhi NCR

Basically there can be seven causes of nighttime discharge in men and it may include allergic reaction, priapism, urinary incontinence, testosterone deficiency, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and abscess. Night discharge treatment procedure first asks for the underlying reason of the problem and then helps out the patient by addressing the root cause of the problem.

Discharge from urethra is considered an abnormal sign and it should be treated as soon as possible. NSU is said to be a common reason of this problem. NSU stands for non-specific urethritis. It is actually the inflammation of the small tube that contains urine and semen and emits both at the end of the penis through an opening. The condition is called non-specific since there is no definite cause identified so far. This kind of emission is usually transparent and it is worse in early morning. It can also cause disturbance while passing urine and it may cause inflammation of urethra. NSU can also cause infections in women through intercourse but most women don’t realize the problem at the earlier stages. The reason is that the bacteria doesn’t cause any discharge in the female partner. Both male and female partners are prescribed antibiotics courses to help cure the problem.

Another discharge condition is known as Gonorrhea and it is also caused by a bacteria. Its symptoms can vary in the intensity and frequency and the color of the discharge can be yellow, green, brown, or white. Fortunately, the condition can be treated with antibiotics but one has to be cautious because the problem has chances of relapse.
Any discharge that emits from your penis should be analyzed by a certified doctor, either by your family physician or preferably by Dr Sablok since he has the expertise to diagnose and treat dozens of night discharge treatment cases. These symptoms can easily be treated by the right antibiotics. In case the symptoms are not properly treated, these can cause serious problems in future or may become a source of decreased sexual arousal and poor performance with your partners.

Sablok Clinic offers treatment for nightfall/swapandosh. Contact us and make a free consultation phone call today.

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