A herbal treatment resource-explore the three best ways to use one

What if we told you that you can be cured from any sexual problems by just treatment and psychological counselling?

Yes, what you read is completely true! At Sablok Clinic, we have helped thousands of patients in getting rid of all sexual problems using our unique treatment. No more fearing complex procedures or operations! Because we use ancient Indian rare herbs, valuable bhasmas and rasayans, our treatments are effective, yet painless.

The unique combination of herbs helps in curing the disease from within, without affecting the hormonal balance of your body. Why go the difficult path when Sablok Clinic can help you through safe methods. Our treatments use subtle formulas that lead to a minimum to no side effects.

We have no branches because we strongly believe that introducing branches dilutes the quality of treatment. We want to provide our patients with formulas that are pure and undiluted for maximum effect. A very strong point to remember when you come to us for treatments is that we will personalize your treatment. This means your doctor will take time to understand your physical status, lifestyle, eating habits, and so on, and only then prescribe a tailor made formula that will suit just your body. This is not a standard set of pills that is prescribed commonly to all patients. We take time to create tailor made and personalized formulas.

Worried about how to reach the clinic for treatments?

We at Sablok clinic understand that not everyone can manage to leave their everyday life and reach the clinic from all parts of the country. That is the reason, Dr. Vinod Sablok created the concept of Treatment through correspondence.

This mean you can now avail all our treatments by just contacting us via post, email or phone. Before you approach us through correspondence, here are a few points to keep in mind –

  • All the emails, letters and phone calls received from patients from different parts of India and abroad are thoroughly studied by our chief consultant, Dr. Vinod Sablok F.R.S.H. (Eng.) Sexologist. Treatment is then accordingly prescribed based on the diagnosis of the disease.
  • Each patient is allotted a unique patient number just like a clinic visit. Throughout the correspondence, we ensure that this unique patient number is conveyed. This unique number is also quoted by patients when replying. This number is used to create records and maintain patient history for future correspondence.
  • For military personnel’s, since VPP parcels cannot be sent to the address c/o 56 or 99 APO, we let them pay us via money order before the treatment begins. This ensures that no delay happens when correspondence actually begins.
  • All the correspondence details of the patients are kept confidential. Your private issues are highly important to us and hence we make sure that confidentiality is maintained.
  • The correspondence VPP includes medicines, information about minor precautions to be taken, and instructions on how to take your daily dose.

So what are you waiting for! Select your preferred method of contact and get in touch with us at the earliest. Let us help you live a satisfied and fulfilled life.

You need privacy to speak about your problems with the doctor.

This is exactly why we came up with specialized consultation. Under specialized consultation, we will provide you with a time slot during a particular day, as per doctor’s availability, when you can visit the clinic. During this time slot, the clinic will not attend to any other patient and hence you can ensure privacy and freely discuss your problems with the doctor.

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