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A sex counselor can not only answer the questions related to sexual health but he also gives you relationship advice needed to help solve your problem. If stress is the cause of your sex life problems, or you feel insecure about having sex, a counselor can help you. When you have orientation issues like you feel good as a male but you have an urge to dress up like a woman, or you can’t have sex with your female partner just because you’re envy of her female organs, and you desperately want to be like her; a sex counselor can genuinely solve your problem.

A number of men complain that women don’t like the idea of casual sex and always say no whenever they are in a good mood. This perception can lead to many problems in one’s sex life and one should visit a reliable sex counselor in Delhi NCR for help and guidance. Anyone who is fancy and likes to have a fulfilling sex experience for one reason or the other can face problems but it is necessary to address those problems as early as possible in order to save one’s life from further complications. Your sex counselor can give you unique ideas to enliven your sex life. America’s favorite sex doctor, Ruth Westeimer encourages her clients to try what she calls artisanal sex (going to the very basics of the sex besides trying out the inspirational videos watched on youtbue). Similarly, your counselor can ask you to devise your own ways in which you feel satisfied and your partner also feels comfortable with you.

There are people who lose interest in their partner just because their sex life lacks novelty and freshness. When you visit a reliable sex counselor in Delhi NCR like doctor Sablok, he must realize your problem, he may advise you to have sex at unimaginable places (where people don’t prefer to have sex) and be as creative as possible. In India, traditionally bedtime is considered to be the only sex time but if your sex life is disturbed and it calls for an innovation; don’t hesitate to try out a new place and a more favorable time.

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As much as we need to love emotionally, the need to satisfy your partner physically cannot be ignored. At Sablok clinic, we can help you enjoy life and that too with no side effects. Let us know your problem and see your worries disappear.

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