Sexual Problem Treatment in Delhi NCR

According to World Health Organization, one in ten men suffer from some sort of sexual problem although very few of them share their concerns with their partner or a certified sexual health care provider. Sexual problem treatment depends on the nature and cause of the underlying sexual dysfunction.

Sexual problem can occur due to physical or psychological disturbances. Physical causes may include neurological, vascular and heart diseases, diabetes, hormonal disturbances, and other chronic diseases. Some sexual health issues arise due to sexual abuse or excessive use of drugs and alcohol. Sometimes the problem can be the result of certain medication i.e. a patient takes anti depressants that badly affects his sexual life. Psychological causes of sexual conflicts include an unwanted spouse, pressures of sexual performance, feelings of guilt associated with masturbation, wrong body image, or the conflicts induced by a past sexual trauma.

Adult men belonging to different age groups are affected by sexual problems but middle age men experience more issues probably because they have to go through ageing that affects their organs, performance, expectations, and emotions. The most common sexual problems include erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or other related disorders. The only way to get diagnosed for such problems is to talk about your symptoms openly and honestly. You may have to reveal about your relationship conflicts, behavior of your partner, your sexual history, or any other factors that may get in the way of your ability to respond sexually. Some of these topics may seem too private to talk to a stranger (your physician) but it is necessary to cover every aspect of your sex life. You may need a thorough physical examination to get yourself diagnosed for an underlying problem. Sablok clinic provides the most confidential environment that encourages the patients to talk openly with their health care provider. Doctor Sablok may recommend you to provide blood work to ensure that your thyroid and diabetes functioning is satisfactory. He will also consider the list of medications and therapies (you already use) in order to track whether your sexual problems are linked with them.

It is quite normal for men to experience multiple erections while sleeping but it is important to know if an erection is strong enough to wake you up. Some erectile dysfunction issues are severe enough to require the patient to get tested in a sleep lab to know how many times he gives an erection and how strong it is. There are chances that these erections are due to neurological disturbances and sleep lab test results will help evaluate the problem. Sablok clinic facilitates all the latest diagnostic tests needed for the diagnosis of any sexual problem. Make a visit today if you have any sexual problem.

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