Treating nightfall with Ayurveda

It is quite a normal thing when it happens rarely but when a person experiences night fall for almost three to four times a week, the problem should be addressed. It can cause serious harms such as affecting semen quality and sperm count. By weakening your reproductive system, this problem can interfere with your general health and can cause chronic infection in your reproductive tract. Night fall is a sexual health problem that is not easier to detect in a test and sometimes the test results are normal but the symptoms of the patient continue deteriorating his body.

When it comes to treating night fall, the best approach is to use herbal medicines that improve your physical strength, and supports your reproductive system as well as treats the urinary tract infection. Ayurvedic Bhasmas and Rasayans are by far considered the best herbal remedies for the problem. These herbs not only cure night fall but also enable the patient to maintain erection and boost his performance with his partner. Ayurvedic experts believe that male erection is secreted due to many different reasons and all reasons rely on the type of food the person consumes. It also relies on the kind of visual stimulations that evoke sexual drives in a person’s brain. Other contributing factors include sexual exposure at a younger age, intense interest in female body parts, and spoiling environment.

Bhasmas in Ayurvedic boosts the patient’s energy and vitality, increasing his sperm count and motility rate. Bhasmas and Rasayans reduce the tension that results from the ejaculations coming out of wet dreams the patient experiences at night. Experts also advise to take these herbs with asparagus and honey to double the treatment efficacy and strengthening genital system. With the regular use of Ayurvedic Bhasmas and Rasayans, one can prevent ejaculations while sleeping and without any side effects. The patient will regain his retentive power and put off involuntary semen ejaculation. Gradually the patient is able to get rid of his explicit sexual thoughts.

Ayurvedic is considered an authentic herb to treat night fall because it treats the triggers of the problem including weaker nerves, enlarged prostate, frequent erotic thoughts, reduced energy levels, and sexual fantasies that stimulate unnecessarily higher arousals lacking real ejaculation and nocturnal discharge. Besides erotic thoughts, certain medication, tranquilizers, anti depressants, and diseases like diabetes and anxiety can also trigger wet dreams and night falls. Men who sit for longer periods of time or those who don’t exercise regularly can also suffer from the problem because they have reduced blood flow towards their pelvic areas and sexual organs.

Male body continuously produces semen and genital nerves are in charge of keeping this semen under control. These nerves only release semen when they receive signals from the brain. When a person has weaker nerves, his semen is emitted during sleep that is considered normal when it occurs occasionally. Recurrent semen loss can make a man infertile and reduce his vitality. For appropriate herbal treatment, you should ask for help from a specialized clinic offering permanent cure of this serious problem.

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