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VD is known as venereal disease and it is caught by sexual contact. The disease is transmitted from the microorganism found in the mucus membranes on the surface of urethra. These organisms are also found in semen, vaginal discharge, or even blood and come in to contact during intercourse. So VD (venereal disease) is actually a kind of sexually transmitted disease.

The genitals’ warm and moist surface provides a favorable environment to bacteria, virus, and yeast; hence sexual intercourse can give rise to several sexually transmitted diseases i.e. hepatitis etc.

There are many different types of STDs and every condition requires a specific VD & sexual infection treatment to be followed by. For example, genital herpes can be cured with an antiviral drug. But unfortunately the drug prescribed for the problem doesn’t permanently removes the problem; instead it reduces the severity of the symptoms as well as lessens the possibility of transmission of the infection to another partner. When a pregnant mom is diagnosed with the problem, she is advised to permanently cure the problem since she has the likelihood of transferring this problem to her infant during delivery.

HPV viral infection cannot be treated and a person with human papillomavirus can only reduce the intensity of his symptoms through regular vaccinations.

Syphilis is a condition that can be adequately cured if it is diagnosed at its earlier stages. The patient is administered with a single injection containing antibiotics. Curing this infection is necessary because if left untreated it can lead to death. No doubt, when the patient starts taking antibiotics, the severity of the symptoms is reduced but the medicine cannot reverse the harm caused by the infection.

Another infection called trichomoniasisis is cured with a single dose of an orally administered antibiotic. This infection also has a higher risk of relapse so both male and female partners should take extra measures while taking antibiotics for VD & sexual infection treatment.

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