Wedding night jitters: Tips to have awesome first night sex


Isn’t being married the best part about marriage? Hold on, no it is not. The best part about marriage is the wedding night. The night you will bare it all to your partner and sharing your virginity with her for the very first time. If you have engaged in sex with your partner before marriage, this night will be a breeze for you. But, for those who are virgins and want to woo their partner in their first time, we have awesome tips to make you a pro.

Here are a few tips that will surely make your wedding night the most memorable one for you.

  • Take it slow – There is no need to rush into sex the moment you enter the bedroom. Women are emotional creatures and that too for a woman who is having sex with you for the first time, you need to take her into confidence before going for the hit. Engage in talks about her beauty, charm, and her intelligence. Tell her that all the smallest things about her body that she find embarrassing are nothing but beauty to you.
  • Keep the sense of humor – By this in no way do we mean make a comment about her ridiculously heavy wedding outfit, but rather helping her get out of it without feeling embarrassed.
  • Engage in foreplay – Ensure that you give her lots of hugging and kisses before actually going for the sex part of it. This night is the night of letting go emotionally for her. You do not want her to think that she married a sex hungry monster.
  • Get her a wedding night gift – Gifts turn on any woman, and on the wedding night they just transform any woman into a sex goddess. Get her that elusive first night gift that will make it memorable for her. And, worry not, you will be rewarded J
  • Create an ambience – Do not forget to get the room decorated. Lovely music, scented rooms, silken sheets, and your favorite drink can go a long way in lifting the mood of a really sentimental women. She needs to know that this night is as special to you as to her.

Sex will happen for the rest of your married life, but what you are doing on the first night is much more than sex. You are preparing your partner to forever confide in you with deepest of her commitment – the emotional readiness to have sex. Do not hesitate to extend your wedding night to wedding nights, but the most important part to remember is not being in a haste to do so.

These tips are just some that will help you have a memorable night, but keep it original and heartfelt to ensure maximum fun on your wedding night.


  • Wedding night jitters: Tips to have awesome first night sex

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