Wonder what your Sex Dreams mean?

Sex dreams are not always pleasurable; they can be quite disturbing especially when you see yourself naked with someone from real life, a person with whom you’ll never imagine yourself naked otherwise. But you’ll be amazed to know that sex dreams don’t always indicate actual sex.

Once a girl said that she had sex with her boss and the next day she was embarrassed to look him in the eyes because she thought that she is secretly attracted to him. Later an expert told her that her dream actually means success because she wanted to be like her boss or reach his status so she had sex with him in her dream.

On a lucky night, a celebrity makes an appearance in your dream and you have sex with her. Apparently, it reveals your liking for the celebrity but on the other hand, it is a clue for the singles that there is a great opportunity to meet the star-level kind of woman they want.

If you ever had sex with your ex in your dream, don’t worry it never symbolizes that you wish to go back to him. Your dream reveals that you had some incomplete feelings about your ex that you wanted to finish but couldn’t do so because your relationship ended. But when the sex dream with an ex is seen at a time when you have entered into a new relationship, it merely indicates that you may be feeling the same kind of insecurities you felt with your ex so this is high time to pay close attention to your new relationship.

Incestuous dreams (when you have sex with a family member i.e. siblings or parents) are always highly upsetting and can ruin your day. If you have repetitive incestuous dreams, you should seek psychological help. But rare incestuous dreams (i.e. sex with a sibling) simply indicate that you have forgiven a deeply rooted anger and want to be close with your sibling. If you had sex with your parent, it means that you have entered adulthood and ready to take the responsibilities of parenthood.

Sometimes, a person is straight but he sees himself or herself having sex with a person from his own gender. Homosexual dreams reveal that you value your self esteem a lot and you love your body parts that were not very acceptable for you before. When you had sex with a friend from your own gender, it may indicate insecurity between your friendships.

Another strange sex dream can take the form of kissing someone you hate. It signifies resentment, enmity, or reconciliation with an angry friend. On the other hand, when you see someone kissing you against your will, it indicates that someone is trying to impose his ideas or suggestions. When you see two people kissing or making love, it means that you’re poking into others’ lives or taking too much interest in their relationship.

When you unexpectedly find yourself naked and no one seems taking notice of your nudity, it indicates that you’re the source of your own problems and no one cares about your anxiety. You’re trying to build a problem tower out of nothing.

These dreams sometime also lead to nightfall. If it is happening very frequently with you do contact us.

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