Sex and Life

Are you looking to forever please your partner in your sex life? Sex and love always go hand in hand. Don’t let one slip because of the other. Our simple procedures can help you bring that magic back in your sexual life.

Medical Treatment

Is fear of complex procedures the only reason you are not able to enjoy your sexual life completely? Medical treatments at Sablok Clinic make use of Ancient Oriental Herbal System. This means minimal procedures, maximum results.

Easy Correspondence

Do you wonder that if only Sablok Clinic was in my city, I would have been cured by now? Stop wondering and contact us now. We can provide assistance via email, letters and phone.

Psychological Guidance

Are you afraid that insensitive doctors might not understand your state of mind? Along with procedures, enjoy sexual guidance that can help you perform better, thus giving you peace of mind.

A clinic giving new sexual lives to people since since 1928.

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  • I was so occupied working on my career that creating a family took a backseat. After getting married late in my age, there were already talks about how difficult it would be for me to conceive. I lost interest in everything in my life, my husband, and started feeling very depressed. That is when a friend, who also had been helped by Sablok clinic, told me to visit the clinic. I have never looked back ever since that visit. I am so busy with my 2 year old and only have Sablok clinic to thank for it. Undoubtedly Dr. Sbalok is the best sexologist in Delhi NCR“

    Anonymous Childless Patient
  • Even after 11 years of marriage and numerous efforts to have a happy sexual life, I was faced with nothing but disappointment. It was only after I contacted Sablok clinic that I regained my energy and vigor. My wife is happy and hence we are happy as a family. All thanks to the best sex counselor in Delhi.

    Anonymous Impotent Patient
  • Constant wet dreams and night discharges were creating havoc in my life. I had to avoid every camping trip and night out with friends to avoid embarrassment. Thanks to Sablok clinic, the best sex specialist in Delhi NCR, I am free of this horrible problem and now, enjoying my life to the fullest.

    Anonymous Night Discharge Patient
  • Ever since my marriage was fixed, I was worried about premature ejaculation. And the worst happened on my first wedding night. I was embarrassed and lost all my confidence, thus disappointing my wife. But, after visits to Sablok clinic, I now lead a very happy fulfilled sexual life.

    Anonymous Premature Ejaculation Patient
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